Boat Design Competition

3rd & 4th September

Boat Design Competition Cayman

Design Your Own Boat

What makes for a good tanker, sailboat or even battleship? To find out, we would like to invite creative students to join us for our two day boat design competition, where our experts will teach you how to design and construct your own paper boat that we will then put through a number of exciting challenges!
  • Speed – who can design and build the fastest boat and compete in a series or races
  • Cargo – we will give you 8kg of cargo for you to safely deliver from port to port
  • Seaworthiness – with simulated waves, how well will your boat survive a perilous crossing
  • Survivability – oh no there’s a hole in your boat! The winner is the one who can stay afloat the longest!
  • Cost – when you build your boat you will be given materials – each material carries a cost, who can make the most cost efficient design?

The first day of this workshop we will build our model boats using various craft materials in a classroom setting. The second day is competition day with a prize up for grabs for the overall winner! Lunch and snacks will be provided on both days.

  • Where: Cayman Enterprise City’s Innovation Room at Strathvale House.
  • When: 3rd and 4th of September from 9am to 4pm
  • Age Group: 11 to 17 years
  • Requirements: The competition day will see us competing by a pool but we do plan on keeping you all dry! However, for safety reasons we will require that all participants be able to swim competently.
  • Registration Fee: Registration is $50 CI per student and includes all workshop materials
  • Availability: Spaces are limited to 20 students but parents are encouraged to join us on the competition day

Register by filling in the form below ↓ and sending the required payment – all details are on the form
Once registered, you will receive a link to the required free software for the course no later than 3 days before the session start date as well as a link to the online class session. Payment and registration are due no later than Monday, 22 August 2022.
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