Innovation Begins With Community

Community outreach is at the heart of Enterprise Cayman’s mission, ensuring that the leaders of tomorrow are aware of the opportunities available to them today. You can find us at career fairs and high school, talking to students and teachers about the opportunities within the special economic zone, while members guest lecture at UCCI, transferring their knowledge to future graduates.

Enterprise Cayman’s focus is to help the young residents of Cayman acquire the skills they need to fulfill the jobs of tomorrow. This begins with community outreach, ensuring that the leaders of tomorrow are aware of the technology-driven opportunities available to them within the special economic zones, today.

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Workshops & Events

Enterprise Cayman partners with different associations to offer a variety of workshops and events to advance career development and knowledge in technology, cybersecurity, and coding industries. We additionally provide Cayman with networking events. By doing so, this allows Cayman's youth and young professionals to expand their network, build new connections and potentially opening the door to more career opportunities.


#UniTalks allows special economic zone members an opportunity to guest lecture at the local University – UCCI. How it works: let us know what you do and we will reach out to our UCCI representative to find a course that best matches your skillset/knowledge. Once we match you with a course the professor will send through the available dates and times to pop in for a 45 minute talk with the students.

Tech Talks

Enterprise Cayman is helping to foster a vibrant business ecosystem in the Cayman Islands. In July 2019, our sister organisation CEC launched a series of Tech Talks events focusing on knowledge-sharing, tackling hard questions, and examining industry trends. The live series of monthly discussions have created a new avenue for networking, learning and growth opportunities and have helped to build a stronger tech community in Cayman.

Fin Talks

In partnership with the CFA Society Cayman Islands, Cayman Enterprise City produces a series of financial sector discussions titled Fin Talks - focusing on market research and industry trends with subjects such as investments, liquidity, virtual assets, and related topics. The live series of discussions have provided an avenue for networking, learning and growth opportunities and have helped to build a stronger business and financial services community in the Cayman Islands.

Become a Volunteer

The Enterprise Cayman Volunteer Programme is specifically designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to make a difference in their community and beyond. By joining our volunteer programme, you'll have the opportunity to work on meaningful projects that align with your interests and expertise, while also developing new skills and building your network.


Become a Sponsor

Enterprise Cayman offers various avenues for sponsors to get involved, from mentorship and judging opportunities, to hosting workshops or sponsoring prizes/awards for specific programmes and initiatives. By going the extra mile in creating unique sponsorship packages tailored to meet your company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals. This level of flexibility allows companies to actively engage and make a meaningful impact on the community, aligning their brand with positive change and advancement. To learn more visit the Sponsor page.

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