Transparency. Commitment. Impact.

Home to a vibrant community built for everyone. 

Transparency. Commitment. Impact. 

Our promise is to serve the needs of our community by diversifying our economy, by creating a platform for innovation, and by providing meaningful opportunities for Caymanians and future generations to come.

We hope that the level of transparency demonstrates our commitment to proper Governance and the socioeconomic progress of the Cayman Islands. These reports aim to demonstrate our capacity as Caymanians to innovate and diversify our economic base, create resilience, offer immense value, and continue to distinguish our jurisdiction as a world-class hub for innovation.

Cayman Enterprise City Socio-Economic Impact Reports & Assessments

Cayman Enterprise City’s Economic Impact since inception nears USD $1 Billion. CEC Publishes Socio-Economic Impact Assessment by Economist and Leading Advisor on the Caribbean, Marla Dukharan 

CEC's cumulative impact has gained momentum, growing by USD 300 million over the last two years. CEC is increasingly supporting local business and fostering knowledge-sharing. EIA by economist, Marla Dukharan

Economic Report CEC

After 10 years of operations CEC has had an economic impact of USD $662 million and observed a growing proportion of Caymanian workers at CEC SEZ companies. EIA by economist, Marla Dukharan

In 2020 engaged economist and leading advisor on the Caribbean, Marla Dukharan, to conduct an independent assessment on the economic and socioeconomic impact of the CEC development project annually. 

2020 Report

In 2019, CEC’s total economic impact on the local economy is estimated to have exceed USD $50 million for the second year in a row, contributing to Cayman’s economic diversification effort.

2019 Report

In 2018 CEC contributed an estimated USD $55.30 million to Cayman's economy. The 2018 figures reflect a 33% increase over 2017’s USD $41.56 million that's directly benefiting the local community. 

2018 Report

Enterprise Cayman Annual Reports

In 2022 Enterprise Cayman employed the “Theory of Change” methodology led by an experienced professional to support planning, evaluation, and the adaptive management of the NPO. 

2022 Report
2021 EC Report

In 2021 Enterprise Cayman launched the Cayman Islands Business Design Competition to help foster an environment for new entrepreneurs and innovative business ideas. 

2021 Report

In 2020 we stepped up to the COVID-19 challenge by offering dynamic, forward-thinking opportunities such as remote mentorships, livestreamed discussion, and online training experiences.

2020 Report

In 2019 Enterprise Cayman made a number of impactful programme expansions including a work placement and mentorship programme for individuals over the age of 25 years. 

2019 Report

Throughout 2017 & 2018 Enterprise Cayman  prioritised quality experiences, developed innovative opportunities, and delivered first-rate programming.

 2017-2018 Report