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Community Initiatives & Partner Programmes

Enterprise Cayman helps to connect aspiring technologists and innovators with engaging opportunities such as conferences and special events. We also partner with a number of community initiatives to support a vibrant ecosystem.

Blockchain Association of the Cayman Islands

Cayman Tech City is in proud partnership with Digital Cayman and the Blockchain Association of the Cayman Islands (BACI). Their main goal is to cultivate Cayman’s dynamic digital ecosystem, professionalise Cayman’s digital sector, and support regulatory and legislative change so that digital innovation can thrive in the same way other industries do - including tourism and the financial services.

Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development

Enterprise Cayman proudly sponsors and supports the Small Business Expo, hosted by Cayman Islands Centre for Business Development (CICBD), demonstrating their commitment to fostering economic growth and entrepreneurship in the Cayman Islands. Through their partnership, they empower local businesses with valuable resources and opportunities for success.

Cayman Islands Marketing Professionals Association

Each year, Enterprise Cayman selects an aspiring Caymanian Marketer to attend the annual Cayman Islands Marketing Professional Association (CIMPA) conference and facilitates a meet and greet with guest speakers of interest, in the hope that they gain a tremendous amount of industry knowledge, and expand their network as they embark on their career in marketing.

Cayman Islands Digital Economy Conference

Enterprise Cayman is a proud sponsor of the Cayman Islands Digital Economy Conference (CYDEC). The conference brings together local and international experts to showcase new ideas and applied technological advancements for leaders across financial services, tourism, technology, the public sector, as well as compliance officers, enterprise risk managers and CEOs.

Digital Cayman

CEC is proud of its 5-year commitment and sponsorship of the Digital Cayman initiative. Supporting Digital Cayman aligns seamlessly with CEC's mission to help diversify Cayman’s economy and develop a business community where innovation thrives. The Digital Cayman initiative emerged due to a growing demand by the Cayman Islands digital sector for a professional body to represent digital industries and support the Cayman Islands Government with relevant policy and legislation development.

UCCI STEM Carib Conference

The UCCI STEM Carib Conference is Cayman’s landmark science, technology, engineering, and mathematics event hosted by the University College of the Cayman Islands and encourages participation from teachers, students, parents, and the wider public, with the aim of enhancing student engagement and career readiness for the world’s fastest growing job market.

Community Initiatives for Individuals Under 18

Career Fairs and School Programmes Enterprise Cayman

Career Fairs & School Programmes

Enterprise Cayman participates in Career Fairs and School programmes, giving a great opportunity to meet students and share details about the organisation. This gives students the ability to be more knowledgeable about upcoming career development opportunities and trainings.

Gamer's Bay

Enterprise Cayman is a major sponsor and has a booth over the two-day event, promoting opportunities within the ever-expanding industry. Gamers Bay plays a key role in continuing the growth and stimulation of the Cayman Islands economy through gaming tourism, with a firm focus on our youth. The successful event hosts competitions and virtual experiences unlike any other, with a chance to win over $10,000 in cash and prizes!

Junior Achievement

Enterprise Cayman is proudly a Junior Achievement (JA) sponsor. JA Cayman Islands has been empowering young people to own their economic success. They are part of the world’s largest not-for-profit educational organisation offering in-school and after-school practical business programmes. JA programmes inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy through educational programmes focused on business, economics and free enterprise.

Rotary Science Fair

Financially supported by Enterprise Cayman and other sponsors, the Rotary Science Fair has grown exponentially in popularity over the years and is an annual event designed to foster students’ interest in science and technology, the scientific method of analysis and problem solving - giving participants the opportunity to experience the sense of accomplishment and discovery in researching, preparing, and presenting a science project.

UCCI STEM Summer Camp

Cayman Enterprise City (CEC) is the proud sponsor of the UCCI STEM Summer Camp, an amazing programme where students can engage in STEM-related activities, connect with like-minded individuals, attend the STEM conference, learn about current trends in STEM fields, as well as interact with some local and international STEM experts. The camp is open to students entering years 7-9 in school.

Volunteer Programme

At Enterprise Cayman, we believe that every individual has the potential to make a difference. By working together, we can create a powerful network of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to building a better future for themselves and their communities. Our programmes offer unique opportunities to connect with entrepreneurs, experienced professionals, and business owners who share your passion for innovation and social impact.

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