Emailchaser the future of Sending Cold Emails

George Wauchope, Co-Founder and CEO of Emailchaser, participated in the Enterprise Cayman Business Design Competition, back in 2022. We caught up with George to learn more about Emailchaser, and to find out what the company has been up to lately!

Could you please provide an overview of what Emailchaser is and how it works? 

GW: Emailchaser is a sales CRM that allows salespeople to send cold emails without landing in spam. Our typical user is a salesperson doing outbound business-to-business (B2B) sales.  

What inspired you to start Emailchaser? Was there a specific problem or gap in the market that you identified? 

GW: A while ago, I found myself doing an outbound sales campaign for a business that I was involved with and I struggled to find the email addresses of relevant prospects. This led me to building an email finding tool. After building this tool, I realised that there was a much larger opportunity to create a sales customer relationship management (CRM) platform that could do everything.  

Can you walk us through the process of how Emailchaser helps businesses improve their email outreach and engagement? 

GW: If you are a business that needs to reach out to other businesses to sell your products or services (B2B), then sending cold emails is an effective way to obtain new clients and/or new customers. The problem in general is that sending too many emails in an incorrect manner, can send your emails to spam, which can lead to not receiving any responses. If you send your cold emails through Emailchaser, then your emails will land in the primary inbox (not spam), and you will receive more responses from your prospects. To learn how Emailchaser prevents your emails from going to spam, you can check out our article “10 Ways That Emailchaser Prevents Your Cold Emails From Going To Spam”.  

What sets Emailchaser apart from other similar platforms or tools in the market? 

GW: Emailchaser has certain features that other similar tools don’t have. For example, we’ve integrated OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo into Emailchaser. That way when you launch a cold email campaign, each email sent out is slightly different – therefore no two leads receive the exact same email. This helps preventing your emails from landing in spam, since sending the exact same email too many times can hurt your deliverability. Other tools use Spintax to add variety to their emails, but our OpenAI integration is much more effective than that specific platform. Other tools, such as Salesforce and Pipedrive, don’t have the advanced features that can be very helpful in the context of sending cold emails and when it comes to deliverability. Additionally, Emailchaser has an incredibly easy to understand user interface; meaning that anyone can get started without needing prior knowledge or experience. 

How do you ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of Emailchaser’s email verification and validation services? 

GW: We’ve spent a long time building our own email finding software and email verification software. After hundreds of hours of testing, we were able to build an error free product.  

What are some key features or functionalities of Emailchaser that users find most beneficial? 

GW: Our Sales CRM is very useful for managing leads once they respond to your cold emails. We also have the “Campaigns” feature which allows users to send cold emails without them going to spam. Additionally, we have a LinkedIn Email Finder Chrome extension that allows you to export your leads from your LinkedIn Sales Navigator with their email addresses and other relevant information as a .csv file. The reason why this is useful is because LinkedIn doesn’t give you the email address of each lead by default, but by using our extension, you can find their email addresses – even when they aren’t publicly visible.  

How does Emailchaser address concerns related to data privacy and security? 

GW: It’s important that our users follow the relevant data privacy laws in their jurisdictions. For example, the CAN-SPAM Act in the US. We only allow users to send B2B related emails. Our users cannot send emails to personal email addresses. Additionally, we do not scrape email addresses from anywhere. Our email finding software takes publicly available information, such as names and websites, and uses this information to determine which email address is correct. We also allow people to opt-out from our email finding software by inserting their email address here. 

What are some upcoming developments or new features that users can look forward to from Emailchaser? 

GW: We are launching a free cold email and sales course inside of Emailchaser’s dashboard. All of our users will be able to learn the fundamentals of sales and cold email for free when they sign up for an Emailchaser account. We are also currently in the process of building a feature that automatically tells you if your sender email accounts aren’t configured correctly (SPF, DKIM & DMARC). There is much more to come and we are constantly working hard in order to launch new features and improve the platform. 

How do you see the future of outbound B2B sales evolving and how does Emailchaser adapt to these changes? 

GW: Email service providers will become stricter as time goes on, and their spam filters will improve. Therefore, if you are a B2B professional doing outbound sales, lowering volume per email account with a higher quality offer will ensure that you continue to land in the primary inbox. 

Has Enterprise Cayman helped you in launching Emailchaser - if so, how? 

GW: In 2022, I won the Enterprise Cayman Business Design Competition. This was extremely helpful for Emailchaser’s growth, as it provided awareness about my business, and also $10,000 USD which was very useful at that stage to fund part of the email finder tool. It was also a great learning experience. It has helped Emailchaser immensely in getting to where it is now, and has made a big impact on where company is headed. 

If you are a business looking to optimise your email outreach strategies, you can sign up for an Emailchaser account and take part in their Emailchaser University courses for free – all free of charge. Taking part in the courses will put you in the top 1% of outbound sales professionals. To learn more about Emailchaser here and start acquiring more clients/customers today. 

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