CyberSandbox Quantum Computing

Beginning 15 February 2024

Enterprise Cayman CyberSandbox Quantum Computing

CyberSandbox Quantum Computing

Beginning 15 February 2024 • 5:30pm to 7:30pm • The Innovation Room at Strathvale House • Free Admission

Quantum computing represents a significant leap in computational capabilities, harnessing quantum mechanics to solve complex problems that are intractable for traditional computers. This two-part session is crucial as it offers an accessible gateway to understanding and applying quantum computing principles in business contexts. By demystifying this advanced technology and highlighting its practical applications, the sessions prepare participants to innovate and stay competitive in an increasingly technology-driven landscape.

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Two-Day Information and Hands-on Session on Quantum Computing 

Day 1 (Thursday, 15 February 2024): Comprehensive Overview of Quantum Computing
Session: Understanding Quantum Computing

  • Introduction to basic concepts and terminologies.
  • The significance and global impact of quantum computing.
  • Insights from global partnerships (Oxford Quantum Circuits UK and Toshiba Japan).

Day 2 (Wednesday, 28 February 2024): Practical Application and Hands-on Workshop
Session: Implementing Quantum Solutions

  • Hands-on training using the FirstQ platform.
  • Case studies and real-world applications in various industries.
  • An interactive workshop to develop quantum solutions for business scenarios.

  • Evan Lai holds a Master of Science degree in Finance with extensive experience in quantitative research, data analysis, financial derivatives and developing machine learning algorithms. He is responsible for blending our quantum technology with his quantitative finance experience at CogniFrame. He is also the Chief Research Scientist at CogniFrame and works on a number of different initiatives. He is the co-creator of the "Learn2Build Quantum Computing” course, designed to simplify the complexities of quantum computing for a broad audience. 
  • Jinu Augustine is an AI/Machine Learning Engineer with expertise in quantum computing and AI alongside a patent in Deep Learning. His experience focuses on generative AI, deep learning, and quantum computing. Jinu has utilized advanced AI frameworks, and machine learning principles to develop scalable AI solutions. Currently serving as a Data Scientist at CogniFrame, he explores quantum computing's potential to revolutionize various domains, emphasizing practical applications and research advancements. Additionally, he is the co-creator of the "Learn2Build Quantum Computing” course.

    Who can benefit?
  • Entrepreneurs, Graduates and Programmers interested in quantum computing applications.
  • Provide background information about quantum computing.
  • Provide information about the FirstQ platform and the Learn2Build quantum computing certification program that includes content provided by Toshiba and Oxford Quantum.

    What to Expect
  • Engaging and Interactive Sessions: Each topic is designed to be interactive, and participant focused.
  • Expert Guidance: Sessions led by experienced professionals in quantum computing.

    Accessibility and Ease of Participation
  • No Prior Knowledge Required: This session is designed to be accessible to all, regardless of their prior knowledge or experience in quantum computing.
  • No Special Tools Needed: Participants do not require any special software or tools for the session. 

    Importance of the Session
  • Cutting-edge Technology: Quantum computing is at the forefront of technological innovation, promising significant advancements in various fields.
  • Practical Skills: The session offers hands-on experience with quantum computing. 

    Interested in getting certified in Quantum Computing?
    Visit to learn more about the course or contact us at

Technical Requirements

Basic computer skills needed.

Punctuality, participation in discussions, and demonstration of professional courtesy to others are required as part of CyberSandbox Meetups.

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