Overshooting 2% to the Downside: The Non-Zero Case for 2023 Deflation with Jeff Weniger

25 January 2023

Fin Talks: The Non-Zero Case for 2023 Deflation with Jeff Weniger

25 January 2023 • The Boathouse • 5:30 - 7:30 pm • Email CFASCI@gmail.com for event details

Are you prepared for the potential deflationary surprise that could shake up the market in 2023?

Don't miss this must-see talk on the forces driving deflation and how they could impact markets over the next 12-18 months. From falling home prices and energy costs to softness in rents and declining producer prices in countries like China and India, we'll explore the complex factors at play. Plus, we'll delve into the potential consequences for the bond market and how it could affect
your investments. This is your chance to get ahead of the game and protect your wealth in an uncertain economic landscape. Don't miss out - sign up now for our exclusive presentation on deflation!

Jeff Weniger is Head of Equity Strategy at WisdomTree Asset Management. Investment strategist with expertise in fundamental, economic and behavioral analysis for strategic and tactical asset allocation. CFA charterholder and active member of the Chartered Financial Analyst Society of Chicago and the CFA Institute since 2006. Jeff has experience with product development, fund
management, television commentary, speeches to large groups and markets research.

RSVP Here: https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07ejlit65f0feecb19


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