CyberSandbox: An Introduction to Legal Engineering

22 May 2024

Enterprise Cayman CyberSandbox Artificial Prompt Engineering Part 2

An Introduction to Legal Engineering

Wednesday, 22 May 2024 • 5:30pm to 7:30pm • at CEC's New Signal House Facilities off Fairbanks Road • Free Admission
with Ramona Tudorancea, Founder and Managing Director of JupiterBlock SEZC, and Ixian co-founder, and Kyle MacLean Smith, LexDAO/LexBlock and Ixian co-founder.

Join us for an interactive session and introduction on Legal Engineering. 

The idea of legal engineering is now 30+ years old. Starting with internet democratising access to law, legal automation and e-discovery as ways to streamline and process larger amounts of data, legal engineering is now developing more meaningfully with blockchain technology (smart contracts and code-is-law approaches) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Ultimately, engineering is about building better systems and models, not simply digitising legacy frameworks. Innovation is increasingly changing the way we interact with Government and in business transactions, and novel technologies will soon be integrated at all levels of our society, changing our business models and corporate and social structures. With Legal Engineering, we can now design and develop new and better legal products, so that law can move towards being more value-adding instead of value-extracting. Cayman is well-known for its legal innovation and has grown into a premier offshore financial center through its pragmatic adaptation of laws. Imagine what could happen if we added new technologies to the mix! 

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Ramona Tudorancea

About the Instructor Ramona Tudorancea 

From being a fancy corporate, finance, and investment funds lawyer, Ramona moved on to starting her own tech consulting business to dive deeper into how technology transforms our business models and corporate and social structures. She realised that law is actually a technology enabling human collaboration and decided to start afresh to reinvent law with some Web3 Magic. Ramona currently focus on the evolution of organisations, Strategy, Risk & Governance, with a blend of centralised and decentralised models. Her professional goals are to share her knowledge, help start-ups and founders, and find ways to bridge the gap between creators/creatives and the business world. Building Intelligent Communities and Personal Agency & Integration Tools + Web3 Collaboration Tools.

Kyle Smith HS

About the Instructor Kyle MacLean Smith

Kyle is the Web3 and legal engineering expert at Ixian. In addition to his role at Ixian, he manages Web3 open source projects as the DAO Coalition president. Kyle is a core contributor to The LexDAO Legal Engineering Guild, leading LexDAO's business development. He founded LexClinic, which is the apprenticeship DAO within the Lex+ family training the next generation of legal engineers and crypto-lawyers with on-the-job experience.

Kyle has a background in enterprise music rights management, and is an avid polymath, focusing on scaling the legal engineering profession via scientific & mathematical rigor, automation & disintermediation, and code-is-law.

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