Launch Labs - Beyond the Business Plan

30 May 2024

Leadership Workshop with Amrita Enterprise Cayman Graphic

Beyond the Business Plan: Leading Your Startup to Success (Interactive Workshop)

Thursday, 30 May 2024 • 5:30pm to 7:30pm  

The Plexys Auditorium, Signal House off Fairbanks Road • Light Refreshments Provided

Now's the time to build your leadership skills and cultivate a company culture that fuels success.  This interactive session will equip you with the knowledge on: 

  • Building Your Leadership Vision: Attract & Retain Top Talent 
    Delve into how you, the early-stage leader, can develop your leadership style through self-assessment tools to understand your strengths and weaknesses as a leader, all while learning how to cultivate a company culture that attracts and retains the talent your startup needs to thrive. We'll explore how to empower your employees and ignite their passion for your company's mission, fostering a strong sense of ownership and a drive to achieve your collective goals.
  • Startup Culture: Fueling Innovation & Employee Happiness
    Building a company culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and employee satisfaction is crucial for early-stage startups. Learn actionable strategies to create a dynamic work environment where your team can thrive.
  • Conflict Resolution: Startup Style
    Disagreements are inevitable in any team environment, we'll tackle conflict resolution with a startup lens, providing you with effective strategies for navigating disagreements constructively. You'll learn how to foster open communication and maintain a positive team dynamic, even when facing challenges.


Space is limited to 30 individuals. Registration required - form below ↓ 


This interactive workshop will be led by Amrita Bhalla.

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Amrita Bhalla is an accomplished global HR executive with over 20 years of experience. In 2015, Amrita founded A.B. Consulting, specializing in HR advisory services across a multitude of sectors. Her expertise lies in empowering organizations to enhance performance, drive employee engagement, and boost profitability. She has collaborated with leaders and teams in the hospitality and real estate sectors to create sustainable employee practices that promote healthy, inclusive, and balanced workplace environments. 

With over eight years of dedicated experience as a mentor for entrepreneurs, she believes that entrepreneurship is not just a career path but a transformative journey.  She has partnered with public and private organizations supporting entrepreneurship to include: Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC); Futurpreneur Canada; Ignite Bermuda; and the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation (BEDC).  From crafting business plans, human resource development, to refining marketing strategies, Amrita thrives on helping entrepreneurs unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. Her collaborative and empowering coaching style has earned her accolades from mentees and peers alike, solidifying her reputation as a trusted advisor and mentor in the entrepreneurial community. 

Amrita is a Board Member for the Caribbean Hospitality and Tourism Association Education Fund (CHTAEF), Advisory Board Member for Women in Tourism and Hospitality Canada (, and Advisory Board Member for the Gaucho Group Holdings. 

She holds a Masters in Industrial Relations (MIR) and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from Queens University, Canada.

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